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Awesome features of Definite One App


Love Daily

Take a sneak peek at what other couples are doing right now. It might give you ideas for your next adventure with your partner. You can also share the latest updates about you and your partner to the public.


Partner Tracker

Are you the protective type? No worries! Here's the easiest way to be with someone you love. Know where your partner is at all times using this GPS-based system. With this tracker you can now be with your partner anytime and anywhere, efficiently.



They say "Absence makes the heart go fonder" but no one says you have to bear with it. Your partner can be within reach with this Messenger! You can chat with your partner, and send pictures or cute stickers while locating where they are.



Never miss one of the most important events of your life with your partner. No more forgotten dates or anniversaries! You can even put important dates like your first date or first kiss so you won't forget. And a daily reminder of your loved ones.



Some of the most unforgettable memories in your life are spent with your partner. Reminisce with compiled pictures of your dates and happy moments! You can pin down the place you've been to with your partner using the special map and even opt to share your moments and experience to inspire other couple.



Go out and enjoy with more people around you. Invite and plan an itinerary to a more wondrous travel. If you visit other public itineraries, you can check their rating for the destination and give you ideas for your next date! You can also opt to post invitations for group dates to meet other couples.

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